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Re: FCC votes to remove protections for the open Internet in the USA.

On 12/16/2017 7:11 PM, Wolf K wrote:
On 2017-12-16 18:55, Frank wrote:
On 12/16/2017 1:03 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
On 12/16/2017 05:21 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 12/16/17 12:02 AM, The Real Bev wrote:
On 12/15/2017 05:28 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 12/15/17 9:41 AM, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 12/15/2017 8:30 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 12/15/17 9:22 AM, Ed Mullen wrote:
On 12/15/2017 at 2:41 AM, Ron Hunter created this epitome of digital
On 12/14/2017 2:19 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
Get ready to pay more to access some content and services.


So, things revert to how they were before 2015.  Was it so bad then?
Much ado about nothing.


Are you sure about that?

Your ISP isn't going to throttle your connections to certain sites
like Comcast did with Netflix, and who knows what else the providers
have in mind.

How about.

Greetings User,

We have noticed you get over 100 emails a day. This puts a strain on our servers, so to provide you with the best possible service, we will
be charging you ten cents an email for each email over 50 that you

This charge will be automatically be added to your monthly bill.

Thanks for being a customer.

Your ISP.

You don't believe in paying for services received?  Why should I pay the same for sending maybe 10 emails a month, which you send 100 a day?  And
what business is it of government to take a hand in this?
You want 100mbps, you pay more.  You want to stream movies, pay more for the bandwidth.  Supply and demand at work.  What you mean is that you
want others to pay for your fun.

By the way Ron, I am paying for Internet and Voice services. Just
switched from paying Verizon $163 a month, to paying Comcast $66 a month for a one year promotional Internet and Voice plan, which the goes up to
$106 when the promotional period is over.

I don't recall anything in Net Neutrality, that will provide me with
those services at taxpayers expense. I do want to continue getting what
I have access to now at the same cost.

Consider getting an Ooma device for VOIP.  We've had ours for several
years and are super happy with it.  What will Comcast charge for
internet only?

The last time I got the offer in snail mail, the promotional offer for
Internet only was $29.99. Then there is an additional $10 a month for
the modem/router rental plus taxes and fees. So maybe $45 a month.

Charter's regular price, including modem, is $65/month.

The Ooma was maybe $90 at Costco and charges ~$4/month for the taxes imposed by our various governments.  It provides the usual modern telephone features, and they (or at least they did several years ago) give you their premium services free  for the first year;  we decided we didn't need them.

Later on we bought a Sentry 2 device (~$50) which prevents robocalls and a wide range of telemarketers from even ringing through and requires others to press 0 to probe they're not telemarketers.  If the bastards lie you can yell at them and then mark BLOCK.  Your friends and other respectable callers only have to press 0 once -- from then on they're whitelisted.   We used to get maybe a dozen telemarketers/robocalls a day.  Now one or two lying bastards per month.

A friend with normal phone service gets a telemarketer call perhaps every half hour;  they have to listen to make sure it's not a GOOD person.   They refuse to follow our suggestions.  I conclude that all the ringing has driven them mad :-(

Blocking a number can get you into trouble as most are forged.

Yeah, I've received robo-calls from myself.

I had to get my wife to stop doing it as I was missing important calls.

We get about one robo-call or telemarketer per week. Canada is not hospitable to either, I guess.

You're lucky. We get 10 times that many on each phone. My den/business phone has fax pickup after 4 rings with no answering machine gets a junk fax every week.

As for blocking, I have even seen calls where calling number was mine. They forge local numbers either not in use or at random.

The phone company must know where these calls originate. I know many are out of the country.
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