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Re: Firefox: fixed colors => why some pages do *not* show which text is selected?

Em 16-12-2017 14:49, Ocalab escreveu:
This is Firefox 52 ESR.

I use the settings to force the change of pages' colors:

1. Go to URL about:preferences#content

2. Click the "colors" button

3. Choose a light color for text, and a dark color for background

4. Change the dropdown menu "Substitute page colors..." to "always"

5. Click "ok"

With these settings, something strange (something bad) happens with some
pages. When I select their text (to copy and paste parts of it, for
example) I cannot see the text selection. It is invisible! Why that

For example:

1. Open the page https://www.letras.mus.br/engenheiros-do-hawaii/45706/

2. That is a lyrics page. Below the band's name, "Engenheiros do
Hawaii", we see the lyrics.

3. I can select the band's name and the music name (two words above it),
the selected text appears as normal, as expected.

4. But when I select any part of the lyrics, the selected text does not
appear! It is being selected, but invisibly!

When I hold the CTRL key, the selected text appear, for some other
strange reason I cannot understand. But not having it like it is in any
other page is very annoying.

For example,
works normally.

If you know the reason why this happens, please tell me - and possibly
also a way to fix it.

Maybe there are things that could be added to userContent.css to fix the
problem and possibly to change that selected text color (showed with
CTRL key) to something good to read - white text in a light gray
background is pure trash!

I have attached an image which shows two tests, so you can see what I
see. The first shot was done *after* I selected the 2nd, 3rd and 4th
words in the first line verse. The second shot shows that while holding
CTRL key, the selection appears (this was done using an automatic way to
do screenshots after a few seconds, easy to do in most linuxes).

If you wonder why I do not post in the support.firefox group, that is
because I cannot post there - not without a month of waiting, I was
told. If you post it there for me¹, it may help me get an answer - if
here it does not work.

If you can post this message in mozilla.support.firefox group, please
do. May you put it there? Yes? That would be great! Just tell me you did
it, so I check there for a while to see any answers.

Another page that normally shows the "being selected text" and "text left selected" as described is:


This page has a rich CSS, with details (color tones) that are lost with forced colors described setting. But this fact does not trouble our page reading - as it is most of the time.

The main example I found with the problem is that lyrics page (any lyric in that domain, does not matter which one). But the curious detail with that page is: the only "invisible selection" part is the actual lyrics! I navigate around the page for a while, testing the select text thing in each one. It worked in all other places I could select text with the mouse. This really tickles me around this idea: there must be something in the CSS that makes those lyrics somewhat different from other texts (same domain or not), which would mean: possible to force it in userContent.css - and I will need a bit of help with that.
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