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Re: Firefox: fixed colors => why some pages do *not* show which text is selected?

On 12/16/2017 07:06 PM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 16-12-2017 23:00, Good Guy escreveu:
On 16/12/2017 22:52, Ocalab wrote:

I created a completely new profile. After that I changed the setting.
Then I loaded the page


And it happened again. The problem is as I originally described: I can
only see the selection when holding CTRL. It is invisible while I make
it, and also after I leave it selected.

I get /almost/ the same result with that page when I change the text and background page color settings. Holding Ctrl does _not_ make the selection visible.

Well then tell us what changes you are making.  Perhaps it's those
changes that are wrong.

He told us.

The only changes I did were those I wrote in the first post!
Check there, it is very detailed and explained.

Yes, but Good Guy didn't read it.

The page colors changed and
asked to be always used. That is all. A brand new profile was created
just to test for this discussion, so any other changes the default
profile has (like some changes I did using about:config) did not exist -
all just default values. The problem repeated.

Change the dropdown menu "Substitute page colors..." back to "never" again, and leave it alone.

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