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Re: Firefox: fixed colors => why some pages do *not* show which text is selected?

Em 16-12-2017 23:27, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/16/17 4:17 PM, Ocalab wrote:
The last times I tried to post anything in the moderated groups, it
did not work. Someone told me the messages can wait up to a month for
a moderator to read them and to approve them or not. So I posted this
here, and asked a favour from someone to repost there.

So that somebody wasn't the moderator.

It appears you refuse to contact him about the issue as he directed you
to do, in his post informing you that your post was deleted and all
future posts would be held for moderation.

Either post support question to the support newsgroup and wait for them
to be moderated.

You could also try using Firefox Support on mozillaZine.


Or the official Mozilla support site.


Be sure to read the rules first.



Thank you very much for this detailed message, Walt. It has been a long time since I last visited mozillazine! Years ago I used it for many little details on Firefox. I will try there later, if here is not productive - but it has been for this last post!

The moderator (I think was one) did not tell my message would be deleted. Just said a few vague things and pointed the rules, nothing more. I did not contact using an email because I chose not to use one here. So I replied in the group asking and pointing why only I was warned, since a few other users apparently should have too, but were not. No second answer, the only thing that changed after that was those deleted from NTTP messages, and (possibly at the same time) the blocked messages. Well... I gave up support.firefox, unsubscribed to all support groups I had (TB and FF).

Now I am just here and 3 other very low activity groups.

Using the Mozilla support will always make me use these NNTP groups, possibly "magically" mirrored among them. Not so sure, though, now that you pointed each example.

If I try something else outside here, should be mozillazine forum - my password there should be somewhere here... or not! hahaha

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