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Re: Firefox: fixed colors => why some pages do *not* show which text is selected?

Em 16-12-2017 19:44, Good Guy escreveu:
On 16/12/2017 16:57, Ocalab wrote:

Correct attachment now! Sorry, I attached another one for a "attach
only after saving" mistake while editing the shots.

No such problems here.  You have made so may changes to your setup that
it is now completely messed up.  You need to reset everything to
defualts so that you know what is the problem.

See this video of my test:


The attachment error is not related to the problem. It just because I attached the file without saving the changes I did to reduce the size and join two shots in one file only, with added comments.

But in your test, you are using normal colors! With them it works for me too, exactly how you did in that video.

I created a completely new profile. After that I changed the setting. Then I loaded the page


And it happened again. The problem is as I originally described: I can only see the selection when holding CTRL. It is invisible while I make it, and also after I leave it selected.

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