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Re: Firefox: fixed colors => why some pages do *not* show which text is selected?

Em 16-12-2017 17:00, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/16/17 11:49 AM, Ocalab wrote:
If you wonder why I do not post in the support.firefox group, that is
because I cannot post there - not without a month of waiting, I was
told. If you post it there for me¹, it may help me get an answer - if
here it does not work.

Who told you that?

The moderator?

Did you follow up with him?

His answer will be the only correct one, not those of others who are
only speculating.

Unfortunately, I can only show what my post was by copying it here (from my local sent folder). It was deleted from the newsgroup (do you want to know in which discussion? You may have seen it. I have to dig a bit in my sent messages to find it now). Though you may want to find it in mailing list archives, which I do not do, since I access mozilla fora only through NNTP.

One post I did in supp.FF (or in TB support, I do not remember which) was considered off-topic. For that it was deleted. There was a moderator message (also deleted from there, after sometime; this one I cannot copy to you, because I did not even imagine it would be deleted, but it was!). I think my message was *not* off-topic - not anything more than a few other messages in the same discussion (they still there).

The last times I tried to post anything in the moderated groups, it did not work. Someone told me the messages can wait up to a month for a moderator to read them and to approve them or not. So I posted this here, and asked a favour from someone to repost there.

So I posted my last problem with Firefox. Maybe you know about that problem! Or something I could try to find (or search) and add to userContent.css... I never could find a documentation about what we put there - would be great!

    If this messages and others are off-topic,
    disconsider that part of it, or ask it to be
    moved to another group. If someone replied
    here, my opinion is that there is no problem
    with that - something that is really rare, IMO.
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