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Re: FCC votes to remove protections for the open Internet in the USA.

On 2017-12-15 19:52, Terry wrote:
On 12/15/2017 4:50 AM On a whim, PietB pounded out on the keyboard

Daniel wrote:
Didn't Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore have something to
do with the invention of the Internet?? ;-P

No, he was CTO of Climate Change on the Internet. :-)


First it was "Global Warming", but then many areas were freezing,

Inaccurate phrasing. S/b "many area froze unexpectedly". Of course they didn''t stay frozen, and overall they they warmed up.

so the left had to change it to "Climate Change" to cover their bases!

Check out what's been happening in the Arctic and Antarctic. All forecasts for Arctic warming have understated what was later observed. Global warming is real, no matter what you call it.

BTW, climate shifts as inferrable from lake-bottom sediments, tree rings, alluvial deposits, and some geology (eg shales and sandstones, which preserve amazing amount of organic stuff) suggest that very fast climate tip-overs have occurred in the past. "Very fast" means "on the order of a century or less". Any climate shift disrupta ecosystems. It doesn't take much to disrupt an ecosystem enough to make continued human habitation impossible.

Example: The Norse Greenland settlements. After they were established, the North Atlantic climate cooled about 1/2 degree C. That was enough to destroy the settlements. That, and their inability or unwillingness to learn from the Thule people, whom they regarded a stupid, heathen barbarians (skraelingjar), beneath contempt.

Even if climate change doesn't get us, over-exploitation of Earth will. We are using up topsoil faster than it can be replaced. Large swaths of the N. A. Heartland is now basically sandy gravel, fertilised like a hydroponics tank. The nitrogen fertiliser is made from oil and natural gas, see Haber process.

Most dangerous of all is the lack of resilience in our production and distribution networks. It takes very little to cause severe local disruptions, and very little more for the effects to spread.

But never mind. The repair work to be done in Texas etc will certainly "add to the GDP", so hurricanes can't be all bad, right?

Wolf K
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