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Re: Early returns on Firefox Quantum 57

On 12/16/17 5:28 AM, Christian Riechers wrote:
On 12/16/2017 1:36 AM, Terry wrote:
To those writing in to the Mozilla webmaster, I provide a link to 56.0.2
and how to turn off updating, for those frustrated by v57. Most had
sworn off FF altogether, but at least with the older version they're
happy, even if it doesn't get patched.

That's bad advice. The proper response would be to point those folks to
the support web site, ot the support news group.
Why you're still allowed to do that is a miracle to me. But I guess you
do enjoy your little empire, and no one at Mozilla cares about it.


At least point them to the ESR version which gets security updates.

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