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Re: FCC votes to remove protections for the open Internet in the USA.

On 12/15/17 6:39 PM, Frank wrote:
On 12/15/2017 1:18 AM, Mark12547 wrote:
In article <161fa929-c64a-4052-8412-09af5cba913c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
andrewlb@xxxxxxxxx says...
  I don't recall any ISPs throttling competitors, ramping up fees,
or any of the other 'sky is falling' claims being made by proponents
of Net Neutrality now that its rightfully being ended.

There was the time that streaming on Netflix by Comcast customers became
painfully slow to nonexistent (prime time) ... until Netflix broke down
and became a direct customer of Comcast so Netflix servers would feed
Comcast instead of using a separate interconnect to send streams to
Comcast customers.

That may have been more business rules (naturally each side played up
its side and downplayed the other side until they had finally signed a
contract and Netflix servers had direct connections to Comcast).

I have Comcast with their X1 which has a Netflix ap if you subscribe to Netflix which I do.  Works almost flawless.  Last night I had heard about the Ozarks series, just spoke Ozarks into the remote and the series popped up to view.

Put yourself under the protection of the government and next thing you know they are squeezing you.  You can change services, isp's etc but you can't change government if it does not suit you.

So I should stop voting? Thanks for the tip.

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