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Re: A New Future for Thunderbird

On 12/14/2017, 5:24:28 AM, Desiree <melelina@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thunderbird in versions 45 and 52.5 is horrible.

Actually, latest versions are pretty great, and getting better all the time.

> I can barely use it as my screen does not paint correctly and I get
> many black screens.
So, you have some kind of hardware problem on your computer? How is that
Thunderbird's fault?

> I upgraded from TB 24.7 that worked great with no problems. TB 52.5
> has nothing of importance that was not in 24.7

Ummm... try lots and LOTS of of security AND bugfixes. The composer is
much better now, for one.

> and the latter worked great while the latest version is a huge mess
Again, your description of 'huge mess' above seems to be more indicative
of a computer problem on your end, not something endemic to Thunderbird
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