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Re: A New Future for Thunderbird

On 12/13/2017 8:12 AM, 5 wrote:
On 12/13/2017 09:21 AM, PietB wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
PietB wrote:
TCW wrote:
WaltS48 wrote:
Thought I would share this blog post by the new Community Manager for
Thunderbird. I found it in the TB meeting notes from Nov. 14th, and
don't recall seeing it anywhere.

Thanks for this. Filled out survey as well. This need to be published
somewhere where more eyes can see it!

Why? A "Community Manager" who apparently has never heard about News?

Why do you have to be critical instead of happy that there is progress
on moving Thunderbird forward in it's development.

Why do you think I'm sticking with an older version of TB and have
given up on updating? I use TB *exclusively* for News

Same here. Stunning that the new Community Manager is unaware that TB is
a newsreader and you have to write that in yourself in the "Other" category.


Thanks for filling out the survey.

I tried, but surveymonkey grinded to a halt.

I switched back to reading newsgroups while waiting, waiting... for
surveymonkey to respond after clicking the Done button.
When I returned, there was the "We're sorry!" page on my screen.
Not going to waste time on it again.

That survey does not work in current versions of the browsers I have. But I deliberately keep ver 26.5 of Pale Moon (based off Fx 24) as almost all websites work great with it. I had no problems doing the survey using Pale Moon 26.5. Thunderbird in versions 45 and 52.5 is horrible. I can barely use it as my screen does not paint correctly and I get many black screens. I upgraded from TB 24.7 that worked great with no problems. TB 52.5 has nothing of importance that was not in 24.7 and the latter worked great while the latest version is a huge mess.
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