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Re: Early returns on Firefox Quantum 57

On Wed, 13 Dec 2017 21:01:08 +0100, PietB
<www.godfatherof.nl/@opt-in.invalid> wrote:

>WaltS48 wrote:
>> It appears things are looking good.
>>> In less than a month, Firefox Quantum has already been installed
>>> by over 170M people around the world.
>Instead of "has been installed by" I'd rather speak of "has been
>enforced on", as I presume it's not the user, but the auto-update
>that has executed all those "installations". Which is exactly the
>reason why so many people are annoyed by all the FF changes that
>have been *enforced* upon them. Experts often are able to take
>countermeasures (e.g. CTR), most users aren't.

I have had to reinstall 56 and set it to never update.

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