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Re: A New Future for Thunderbird

WaltS48 wrote:
> PietB wrote:
>> TCW wrote:
>>> WaltS48 wrote:
>>>> Thought I would share this blog post by the new Community Manager for
>>>> Thunderbird. I found it in the TB meeting notes from Nov. 14th, and
>>>> don't recall seeing it anywhere.
>>>> <http://ryanleesipes.me/a-new-future-for-thunderbird/>
>>> Thanks for this. Filled out survey as well. This need to be published
>>> somewhere where more eyes can see it!
>> Why? A "Community Manager" who apparently has never heard about News?
> Why do you have to be critical instead of happy that there is progress 
> on moving Thunderbird forward in it's development.

Why do you think I'm sticking with an older version of TB and have
given up on updating? I use TB *exclusively* for News and for that
the current "outdated" version works fine. I tried a newer version
1 or 2 weeks ago and found an old bug where you can't properly edit
quotes still present. So back again to the current *working* version.
Really, News is old, very old, and needs no further development, just
fixing bugs introduced by "development". Getting TB to work properly
is way more important then "moving forward".

The same goes for Firefox. Most of the "moving forward" had led to
annoying lots of people, lesser functionality, and mainly more bells
and whistles. I had stopped at 52.5.2 ESR, but FF is giving me so
many headaches (see my postings in m.s.firefox) that I've now given
up on Firefox and moved to Pale Moon. With a sigh of relief. And yes,
it works like a charm with one profile shared across pc's.

So yes, I do have plenty of reason to be critical, if not rightout
negative, about "moving forward".

> Thanks for filling out the survey.

I tried, but surveymonkey grinded to a halt.

> If you think you could have done better you should have applied for
> the position of Community Manager.

In my active working life I've done more than a fair share for the
digital world. I've made my contributions/advices/help in the FF
and TB newsgroups. And yes, I'd like to thank you in particular for
all the advices and help you've given.
But at my age I'm not going to apply for whatever position related
to the euphemism "moving forward".
Despite all the above I'll keep lurking around in these newsgroups.


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