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Re: So childish

On 12/11/17 7:29 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
On 12/11/2017 01:57 PM, Ocalab wrote:
Em 11-12-2017 18:21, The Real Bev escreveu:
On 12/11/2017 11:20 AM, Ocalab2 wrote:
The messages in the discussion I started and have made a few replies was
erased without anything said.

The message with an important address that Walt gave to me has also been

This is very unfair.

All I've seen is crabbing because your original post wasn't posted
quickly enough.  What was your original question?

This thread is a bit of nonsense in myself, in the end. As I said in my
reply to myself (that you may not have seen, since you replied only to
the first one), I did a kind of confusion. My question here was posted
(and you can see it) at 17:39 UTC, the subject is "Why the messages I
posted in [...] do not appear?". Myself and Walt have made replies to
it, until now.

The big problem is about my several posts since yesterday. They do not
show in both mozila.support.(thunderbird|firefox)

I cannot post there... or something close. The situation and behaviour
of these newsgroup are pretty unstable and messy and unpredictable, from
my point of view (for the things I see and use around here).

So the whole problem is that your problem is posting your problem?

Did you have an actual problem with thunderbird or firefox?

The whole problem is the poster was warned about posting off-topic posts by the moderator. Maybe you have heard of him. ;)

Then the poster was told that since he continued to post off-topic, their posts were going to be held for moderation, and the process to follow if they wanted to discuss it with the moderator. Which they did not follow.

Now their posts are being held for moderation and if on topic, will appear in the support groups, if not they won't be posted.

Don't know or care why they don't understand the fact that they are on the poop list.

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