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Re: Why the messages I posted in [...] do not appear?

Em 11-12-2017 18:02, Good Guy escreveu:
On 11/12/2017 19:24, Ocalab wrote:

Another message appeared now in m.supp.thunderbird (around 19:00 UTC),
although I wrote and sent it hours ago. (...)

You must be in CI's moderation list so just persevere.  The list is
reviewed monthly so if you "behave" for the rest of the month and also
in January then you will become "normal" in February.  I believe the
month here means calendar month.

It probably is. And i really think it is unfair.

I just cannot decide what to do with the pretty normal posts I tried since yesterday. They may appear as duplicates if I send them again, or post them in a different profile - will they appear hours later, a day later... or never appear? I just cannot decide because all the wrong things here are completely silent.

    If this messages and others are off-topic,
    disconsider that part of it, or ask it to be
    moved to another group. If someone replied
    here, my opinion is that there is no problem
    with that - something that is really rare, IMO.
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