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Re: Why the messages I posted in [...] do not appear?

Em 11-12-2017 15:59, Ocalab escreveu:
Em 11-12-2017 15:47, WaltS48 escreveu:
On 12/11/17 12:36 PM, Ocalab wrote:
Why the messages I posted since yesterday in mozilla.support.firefox
and mozilla.support.thunderbird did not appear, as usual?

What can possibly be wrong? Nothing changed in my computer and my
settings until I noticed the most recent messages I posted a few
minutes ago did no appear... those and a few more (11) since
yesterday. And a message that was posted by Chris Ilias disappeared
from the firefox group! I can only be sure of this because I have it
quoted in my sent folder. But I cannot know more details about what
happened because - as I said - things were erased!

Maybe because you didn't read the post from the moderator.

As per <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums/cancellation/>,
this message is to inform you that your future posts will be held for
moderator approval before making it to the forum.


Maybe. I want to be sure.

I read the post and replied to it.

That post was not fair with me, since other users should have received
the same things - what did not happen, as far as I can tell.

(strangely... your post did not appear as a reply to my post, and as my first reply is to it)

Continuing what I just said. The proof it was an unfair act is that is needed to delete everything from the newsgroup. This is absurd to me!

    If this messages and others are off-topic,
    disconsider that part of it, or ask it to be
    moved to another group. If someone replied
    here, my opinion is that there is no problem
    with that - something that is really rare, IMO.
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