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Re: English: no rule for making "ing" verbs?

The Real Bev wrote:


I know how German is pronounced because I took six weeks of it -- dropping it because I was sick of declining nouns after spending the previous year in a Latin class :-(  In my defense, the teacher pronounced the i in richtig as ee, as in Spanish and French.

In Grade Six, we did a year of "Introduction to French and Latin" (yes, it was a Catholic school!!) and, if you were good enough, you then continued on in that languages stream. Fortunately, I didn't do "good enough", so went along the Maths/Science stream.

When I was teaching Electronics (many years ago!), I often had to use the word "ratio" when comparing voltages, components, etc.

But it just seemed *WRONG* to me to pronounce it "ray-show", as so many people seem to do, so I would usually pronounce it "ray-c-o". The students quickly caught on to what word I meant. ;-)


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