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Re: Microsoft has reached 600 Million Users

Jim Fisher wrote:
> +1--

Wonder how that math works. ;-)

> Forget Google! I search with https://duckduckgo.com  which doesn't spy on you

There are more ways to avoid Google.
I prefer Ixquick/Startpage. Just a few reasons why:

- I/S stores my settings in a cookie, DDG stores them in the cloud.
  Where are the cloud servers? For me it makes a lot of difference
  if they're in Europe or in the US.

- DDG lets you choose search categories (web, pictures, etc.) only
  *after* you've done a web search. With I/S you can make the choice

- When I open a private window in FF and start DDG with my settings
  "encoded" in the URL, then check the settings, they're back to the
  default. When I do the same with I/S, the settings are the ones
  "encoded" in the URL.


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