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Re: Microsoft has reached 600 Million Users

On 12/03/2017 05:35 AM, Good Guy wrote:
Because you haven't taught him how to read "Message body" in plain text.

Actually, and don't let this get to your head, I leave HTML on because
one particular endearing M$ employee, whose name I will not mention, will post a graphic that is actually helpful. (Yes, it pained me
to say that.  I will recover.)

I have heard there might actually be a 13th happy Windows
Nein user out there, but it hasn't been verified.  (I have
seen customer's in and nearly in tears over Nein, so ...)

Since you work for those guys, would you please tell them
to "fix their s***!"

I am Windows
I am the Blue Screen of Death
No one hears your screams
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