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Re: Microsoft has reached 600 Million Users

On 12/03/2017 05:35 AM, Good Guy wrote:
On 02/12/2017 13:00, Endegee wrote:

Than why are you reading news group in HTML?
I don't see his HTML crap because I read news group in Text Only.

Because you haven't taught him how to read "Message body" in plain
text.  You will serve better users here if you care to explain to them
in plain words rather than doubting their level of intelligence.
People's level of intelligence depends on who is judging them.  There's
no iron-cast rule how to measure intelligence.

Not defending the GoodGuy troll and not a fan of Msft either but you
are a bit of a troll yourself with your Nein, Frankenstein and M$
which I find a bit chidish.  :-(

You are defending Good Guy

No, he isn't.

because there is no need to call anybody troll.

He called you a troll anyway.

What is troll to you is not necessarily troll to other people.

Everyone knows you are a troll.

The best you could do is to filter out those users that you deem
"stupid" or "Troll".

That's why you set a Followup-To header to whatever Linux group you want to troll, so your adolescent presence can't be filtered out there.

Mozilla General allows people to ask about anything and CI is actively
encouraging people to use this newsgroup to post OT stuff.

Now go and watch the Microsoft Presentation about what is coming to your
Windows machine next year and make sure you have upgraded your Windows
10 machine regularly.  It is the best around to get anything done on
this world in the business world.

Somebody gave you a share of M$ stock for your birthday.

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