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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

NFN Smith wrote:
Luis wrote:
For general use:
Opera (default) -Replaced FF 54
Firefox (Now testing V57. I hope to move it up soon)

Firefox 57
Pale Moon (portable)
Chrome (portable)

On testing VMs, I also do a little bit of poking with Waterfox and Lunascape, as well as the most current FF beta. Also, I make some use of Edge in a Windows 10 VM.




On my aging Android, Opera seems to be a little faster and less prone to crashes than Firefox. I haven't yet given FF 57 a real shakedown on that device.

I'm not really a Mac user, but I have managed to acquire one that I can use for testing and support use. Although my personal preference is Mozilla stuff (and I plan to install Seamonkey), I do more in Safari, mostly because of the frequency of use by other Mac users.  It's useful for me to be familiar with Safari's way of doing things, and how to do similar tuning that I do with Mozilla browsers.

Two additional thoughts:

- In the trade press, there's a columnist that I follow that includes regular reports of browser use, and that's how I know that over the last year or so, Firefox usage has had a modest increase, that Edge isn't catching on, and that there's mass defections of IE users. However, one annoyance is that the presumption is that browser selection is mutually exclusive. Thus, the presumption that if a user is using Chrome, then the user makes no use of Firefox or anything else.

In my case, that isn't true.  My primary browser is Seamonkey, but I don't use it exclusively. Some, as noted here, is testing, but there's other reasons to use more than one browser. One thing that I do with a measure of frequency is if I need to access a site where I'm logged in with more than one user user simultaneously.  Another is that with my primary profile in Seamonkey, I have it locked down rigorously enough with NoScript, AdBlock plus, and cookie handling that there are occasions when I can't get it to behave the way that I want to. If I can't easily adjust whitelisting settings, then sometimes, the easiest work-around is to fire up another browser, where settings are closer to default.

- Among responses that I've seen so far, I'm surprised to see no mention of Pale Moon. That one seems to be the most popular option/suggestion for people that don't like Quantum (or before that, the Australis UI), if they're not abandoning Mozilla architecture entirely (usually for Chrome).


Thanks for your comments. The last paragraph may me recall that I also have used Pale Moon but I forgot it when W10 started making our lives miserable while trying to tame the beast. But AFAIK Pale Moon is losing positions. Among other things I recall that it was not full CSS 3 compatible, however I don't know if it is now.
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