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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

On 12/02/2017 04:16 AM, Luis wrote:
T wrote:
On 12/01/2017 01:46 PM, Luis wrote:
I know all you regular guys in User Groups are somehow knowledgeable persons, except some trolls and Remulakians ("coneheads") that every now and then post nonsense.  That's why, out of curiosity, I wish to ask you what browsers do you use. Here is my list in order of precedence (all up to date):

For general use:
Opera (default) -Replaced FF 54
Firefox (Now testing V57. I hope to move it up soon)

For security and privacy:
Epic Privacy

For developing:
Opera Developer
Firefox Developer

Anyone using an alternative for the one I miss?:

Please list yours. Thank You:

1st: Firefox
2nd: Brave
3rd: Midori
4rd: Chromium

Chromium need a lot of work.  It is in the Alpha stage.

A lot of my customer get slammed into Chrome and don't
realize it.  So I will use it, but it grates on me.
Seems very unfinished.  But it may just be me.

I have placed the latest FF beta on several custom's machines.
It has cleared up a lot of issues.

Midori. Hummm. I never thought of it. I have read somewhere that "Opera Neon is ranked 9th while Midori is ranked 15th."

Midori, not because I like it, but because it
is "there".  If comes with Xfce.
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