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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

On 1 Dec 2017 at 16:46, Luis wrote:

> I know all you regular guys in User Groups are somehow knowledgeable 
> persons, except some trolls and Remulakians ("coneheads") that every now 
> and then post nonsense.  That's why, out of curiosity, I wish to ask you 
> what browsers do you use. Here is my list in order of precedence (all up 
> to date):
> For general use:
> Opera (default) -Replaced FF 54
> Yandex
> Firefox (Now testing V57. I hope to move it up soon)
> Vivaldi
> For security and privacy:
> Tor
> Epic Privacy
> Brave
> For developing:
> Opera Developer
> Firefox Developer
> Anyone using an alternative for the one I miss?:
> Lynx

> Please list yours. Thank You:

I'm not all that regular in posting here, and although I have many years 
experience it does not include Linux, Apple or Android. The browsers I 
currently use, in order of frequency, are:

Opera (default)
Firefox 52.5.0 esr

Firefox I use almost as much as Opera. Tor I have so far only used a couple of 
times simply to test it out. It is based on the same version of Firefox as the 
one I use so behaves very much like it, and identifies as Firefox to sites 

I also have IE7 installed, but I only use that for off-line checking out of web 
pages I develop.

Jim Fisher
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