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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

Dne 02/12/2017 v 13:49 Luis napsal(a):
> Poutnik wrote:

>> No, pursuing user experience.
>> One cannot know e.g. 12 browsers as well as just 1-2,
>> the secondary one mainly
>> if some pages do not work well in the primary browser.
>> People usually do not use 12 different plain text/coding editors,
>> but just those they are very familiar with.
> Good point, at least regarding text editors. IMHO not regarding browsers.

Only if you need each of the browsers
because you cannot effectively do
what you do there in other browsers.

It does not apply to testing and support.

Reaching mastery in using few tools
is better then fiddling with many.
Whatever the tool is.


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