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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

Poutnik wrote:
Dne 01/12/2017 v 22:46 Luis napsal(a):
I know all you regular guys in User Groups are somehow knowledgeable
persons, except some trolls and Remulakians ("coneheads") that every now
and then post nonsense.  That's why, out of curiosity, I wish to ask you
what browsers do you use. Here is my list in order of precedence (all up
to date):

For general use:
Opera (default) -Replaced FF 54
Firefox (Now testing V57. I hope to move it up soon)

For security and privacy:
Epic Privacy

For developing:
Opera Developer
Firefox Developer

Anyone using an alternative for the one I miss?:

Please list yours. Thank You:

Hmm, putting aside testing and support cases,
is not better to gain mastery in using 1 or 2 tools
then using many tools with suboptimal experience ?

Pursuing the ideal one perhaps?
Some time ago I found a site that didn't render well in Vivaldi despite of the fact that pages were coded correctly. The guys at Vivaldi argued that I was wrong. Well, recently they fixed the browser and now it is just fine.
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