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Re: Really OT: Besides FF what web browsers do you use?

Dne 02/12/2017 v 13:01 Luis napsal(a):
> Poutnik wrote:
>> Dne 02/12/2017 v 01:59 WaltS48 napsal(a):
>>> For general, security and privacy use:
>>> Firefox Nightly 59.0a1 (production browser)
>>> Firefox Beta 58.0b8 (for testing)
>>> Firefox 57 (installed to provide support on Linux and Windows)
>> Why to use nightlies as production browsers ?
>> I would use 57 or rather 52 ESR,
>> betas and nightlies for testing only.
> I have used nightly's and Betas for years without any issues.  In fact
> even FF's until Mozilla banned old extensions.

I prefer stable environment with things known as working well globally
and with new features settled down,
to focus on the web content and not the browser.

For these reasons I use ESR not only in enterprise environment,
but personally as well.

There is a big user noise about FF 57+
and not only because dropped legacy addon support.

FF ESR supports legacy addons until May/June 2018.

Until then
ported addons will be cured from porting children diseases,
so would be webextension environment,
ore its APIs will be implemented
and there will be more alternatives for not ported addons.


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