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Re: Deleted messages in these newsgroups

Balaco wrote:
> PietB wrote:
>> This is cute. In my NL TB, when I right-click on a message, I get a
>> dropdown list containing "Bericht verwijderen" == "Delete message".
>> But when I go to the menu item "Bericht" == "Message", the dropdown
>> list contains "Bericht annuleren" == "Cancel message".
>> Makes me wonder if the same discrepancy is present in BR TB.
> I really did not expect any option to exist in one menu, but no in the 
> other. And that is exactly what happened!
> In the ("Mensagem" == "Message") menu, there is an option ("Cancelar 
> mensagem" == "Cancel message"). It is disabled for that message I sent 
> earlier

Weird. No idea why.


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