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Re: Liking Firefox Quantum - some questions about bug submission

On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 11:01:35 -0500, in mozilla.general, WaltS48 wrote: 

>On 11/29/17 10:55 AM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> I think I've nailed down all the bad behavior I'm getting with Firefox
>> Quantum. It appears to be all extension-related.
>> So now I'm asking if anyone's having issues with these extensions:
>> 1. The failed startups appear to be the responsibility of Ghostery. What
>> happens is that the Ghostery icon will grey out during a session
>> (Ghostery not active), because the extension fails to initiate. When you
>> close the browser and start it up again, start up fails. Killing the
>> stray process in Task Manger and restarting brings up a successful
>> launch. Ghostery appears to hang Firefox before the GUI appears.
>> 2. The in-page browser hangs appear to be the responsibility of an addon
>> called "Password Toggler." The hangs were happening on pages with
>> password fields. I just removed that extension, and haven't had a problem
>> since.
>> Is anyone else having similar issues with these extensions. Especially
>> Ghostery, I don't want to send a bug report out without confirming that
>> problem affects other systems.
>> I am a little disappointed that the new WebExtensions add-ons aren't
>> sufficiently sandboxed to keep them from causing such major problems with
>> the browser. I thought they were modernizing the extension protocols? I
>> can't rule out that it may be a problem with the way Firefox implements
>> WebExtensions. Bound to be some bugs out of the gate with the new API.
>Update the extensions lately?
>It appears a new version of Ghostery was released yesterday, version 

Yeah. It's happening with

I've isolated that sometimes Ghostery will not activate in a browsing
session, and when you close the browser in that case to reinitialize
Ghostery, it takes an unusual amount of time for Firefox to terminate its

Trying to start Firefox while those processes are still running results
in the stub process. For some reason, the warning that Firefox is still
running does not come up.

I was, naturally, doing a quick shut down/restart to get Ghostery working
again (usually works), and so ran into the problem with Firefox taking
several (4-6) seconds to end its processes.

What was happening before I isolated it was that I wasn't even noticing
that Ghostery had failed, and sometimes I was quickly restarting. So it
would happen sometimes, but not usually.

I think it's just growing pains for companies transitioning to
WebExtensions, and I'm now in dialogue with the folks at Ghostery trying
to see if it's reproducible.

But all of my problems appear to stem from extensions. Core Firefox is
awesome. If Ghostery can't fix this, I'll just use Firefox's new native
tracking blocker set on "strict" or switch to ABP.

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