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Re: Deleted messages in these newsgroups

On 2017-11-28 20:32, WaltS48 wrote:
On 11/28/17 7:30 PM, Balaco wrote:
Em 28-11-2017 16:48, s|b escreveu:
On Tue, 28 Nov 2017 07:48:49 -0800, Agaric wrote:

Here's the correct answer.
Deleting (cancelling) your message sends out a request to news servers
to remove it.

Does it? I'm pretty sure he's only deleting postings locally which Wolf
K already mentioned. To cancel a posting a TB user will probably need to
right-click on the message and then choose 'cancel message' or something

I could not find a "cancel" option for a message I sent. Even for messages posted less than a minute before the moment I right clicked on the post to look for "cancel" option.

Does it exist in Thunderbird? Does it exist in another newsgroup client? Or it is just disabled in Mozilla's groups?

Cancel Article exists in the Pan newsreader.

There was a thread on this topic a while back, maybe not here.
Points made:
1: Your news server may not honour the Cancel request
2: Some news servers will ignore all Cancel request.
3: Most Usenet posts are stored on multiple servers. There's no guarantee that they will all honour a Cancel request.

IIRC, Cancel was supposed to mean "Erase on every server", but in practice that apparently has not happened. The newst EU pruivacy regulations may result in posts (etc) being erased from European servers, but that doesn't mean they'll be erased elsewhere.

If someone cares enough about you, they will store any relevant data on a secure server of their own.

Thunderbird does not have a Cancel, only a Delete, which operates only loaclly, on your own computer. If you access Usenet (etc) from several devices, but don't sync them, you can Delete on one device with no effect on the others.


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