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Re: Deleted messages in these newsgroups

On 11/28/2017 10:48 AM, s|b wrote:
On Tue, 28 Nov 2017 07:48:49 -0800, Agaric wrote:

Here's the correct answer.
Deleting (cancelling) your message sends out a request to news servers
to remove it.

Does it? I'm pretty sure he's only deleting postings locally which Wolf
K already mentioned. To cancel a posting a TB user will probably need to
right-click on the message and then choose 'cancel message' or something

It does, but I think now that Balaco was referring to Delete.
"I discovered that I can delete *any* newsgroup messages" made me think "Cancel", because that takes a bit of discovering. Anyhow, try that here to someone else's post, and the moderator will have your IP address. Might be grounds for banning.
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