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Re: Important!!! Do not allow Firefox to update to 57!!!

I( stay with /Fedora 20/


Lucifer Morningstar wrote:
On Mon, 27 Nov 2017 11:08:06 -0500, Mortman <mortn@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 27/11/2017 9:09 AM, Caver1 wrote:
Make it look the way you want.
Here's my FF57 so far;

Love what you did to change the look of 57.

Where I can get instructions as to how to get curved tabs, colored tabs,
and altering the font in the tabs.

I don't know how to program, but I can follow instructions. (I've
already moved the tabs below the other toolbars).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure other members of the
newsgroup would appreciate it as well. Sort of a "Public Service" :-)

Thank you.

Stay with 56.

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