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Re: YES !

On 2017-11-26 19:39, Frank wrote:
On 11/26/2017 11:53 AM, GérardJanJan wrote:

Got my ancestory DNA back several weeks ago and it says 14% European Jew.  A Jewish friend said that qualifies me for immediate Israeli citizen ship but he is wrong.  I later told him I was going to request 14% discounts and Jewish establishments.

a) So what? A human is about 98% chimpanzee.

b) So 14% of the 2% that is human is about 0.28% of the total genome. To small to make a difference.

c) For that matter, a human is about 15% mustard grass. Watch out for weed killers.

d) Those ancestry DNA tests are junk science. Your sibling(s) will have inherited a different mix of genes --> different "percentage of ancestry". Besides which, ancestry markers are vaguely defined, to put it politely.

e) Considering the ineducability of the racists, I'm beginning to think it's caused by one or more mutated genes. Ones involved in building the brain. Obviously.

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Wolf K
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