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Re: Liking Firefox Quantum - some questions about bug submission

On Mon, 27 Nov 2017 00:42:30 -0200, in mozilla.general, Balaco wrote: 

>Em 26-11-2017 21:40, Hartdonor escreveu:
>> 3. Back up everything and refresh. I would appreciate advice about how to
>> back up my previous working environment before a refresh.
>Firefox temporarily saves the current session. I do not know how often, 
>you have to find that out - and tell us here!
>> Is there a way to setup a Firefox test environment separate
>> from my production install in the same user account?
>Yes! Close Firefox and start again it with a special argument:
>firefox --ProfileManager
>This may exist as one of the links for Firefox folder in the start menu. 
>But you probably can type the above command with "windows key + r".
>With that argument, you can have all the profiles you want!

Okay! I took the plunge. I've got a clean profile in the PM named "Test

I used Firefox sync to copy over my bookmarks and history.

Only thing it didn't do is copy over my search engines, which I had to
move the .json file for. This may be something we want to add to sync?

So far, no crashes and no hangs. I'll play with it for a while then start
moving in my addons and see if it's one of them, or if the old profile
itself is the problem, or if I've just been lucky so far.

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