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Re: Important!!! Do not allow Firefox to update to 57!!!

Balaco wrote:
> WaltS48 wrote:
>> Balaco wrote:
>>> Ron Hunter wrote
>>>> Something we already knew.  I have no intention of updating Firefox
>>>> beyond 55.  Throwing out the best feature of Firefox, bar none, is
>>>> virtual suicide, which they have been working on for a couple of years.
>>> +1
>> -2
> You cannot vote -2.
> Each person has only +1 ou -1 -- and we cannot put others' votes for them.

Yes, we can.
If you maintain the computers at home, and your wife and kids are
restricted users, you decide which software (version) gets installed,
and thus you vote for them.
But Walt is so negative that we don't count him. So here's my +2
to counter him. ;-)


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