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Re: Chris, what did you use to answer? (was "Re: Time Out Error")

Chris, what did you use to answer "Fred S *****"?

(this message should have been an answer to Chris' message with subject "Re: Time Out Error" sent today 09:45 UTC, but it is not appearing there)

The reason why I ask is:

- it seems that you are using a valid email address, possibly real (as opposed to several people, including myself, that just use any bogus address and access through newsgroup server);

- your reply is correctly put below Fred's message, being marked and ordered as one of this kind of posts (I use Thunderbird newsgroup features);

- but these two facts together contradit something I have concluded about these Mozilla newsgroups (news.mozilla.org) and their mirrored¹ mailing lists: when people use email, the link between posts and the messages they reply cease existing (as I have seen in other discussions)

¹ What I mean by "mirrored" is: when we post in one service, the other automatically receives our messages. So all messages will exist on both, no matter how they are made.

I asked Thunderbird to show all header for your message, but it does not show anything I could understand as a proof of either fact.

I did not write my message below your quote because they are not directly related. I am leaving your message below just to be clear which message I am answering, and who I am asking.

Em 26-11-2017 07:45, Chris escreveu:

Fred, did you not see my previous reply? It led Balaco to write
 about news vs mail, because replies via mail don't get added to
 the conversation on the news server, and vice versa.

I can't recall if you have said anything about what email provider
 you're using. My guess is that you are using the email service
 offered by Spectrum and so they act as your email provider.

Given this description in your most recent posting, you need to
 connect to Spectrum's SMTP server to send your messages. I think
 that Spectrum's SMTP server is refusing the connection from the
 Greenlight network, as I described in that other message. If they
 offered an error message, perhaps mentioning "relaying" then we'd
 all be wiser. I suspect they are silently refusing the
 connection, so after a while Thunderbird gives up and reports a

You need a better email provider who offer an authenticating SMTP
 server which will accept connections from any network. You don't
 _have_ to use whatever comes "free" with your Internet supply

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