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Re: New browser from the devs of Palemoon

Em 23-11-2017 14:16, Sailfish escreveu:
My bloviated meandering follows what Sailfish graced us with on
11/22/2017 12:59 PM:
My bloviated meandering follows what Balaco graced us with on
11/22/2017 12:32 PM:
Em 22-11-2017 18:21, Sailfish escreveu:


No, we should not need to modify any code. From a programmer point of
view and probable organization of binary files for the Firefox
program, both should be separated, and should exist separated. Looks
promissing! My "mmm" with a smile was something to tell "I am
thinking and liking of what you found".

Good luck on your quest. I'd like to hear more on how it works out.

<snip />

Also, if the Basilisk us-EN files are similar structured as the Fx
ones, you might even be able to save a lot of time by running a text
diff program on the Basilisk and Fx ones to pin-point which parts can
be moved over and which might need to be added?

Thinking on this a bit more, if you have knowledge of a programming or
scripting language on your desktop, e.g., Linux sh, Windows Power Shell,
Python, &c with Python being my preference, this task could be made
much, much simpler (and repeatable) since we're only dealing with text
files. Below is a pseudo code description of the programming logic

1. Both Basilisk and Fx Portuguese dtd files are located in same
2. Basilisk locale code is en-US and Fx Portuguese locale code is pt-PT
3. Bas sort for Basilisk, PT short for Fx Portuguese


2 sets of folders containing the dtd files of Fx Portuguese (pt-PT) and
Basilisk (en-US)

Begin Pseudo code:

while (Bas folder exist in Bas folder list) do {
  if (Bas folder !exist in PT) {
    log full pathname of missing PT folder
    skip to next Bas folder
  while (Bas dtd file exist in Bas file list) do {
    if (Bas dtd file !exist in PT) {
      log full pathname of missing PT file
      skip to next Bas dtd file
    while ('<!ENTITY' line exist in Bas dtd file) do {
      if ('<!ENTITY' line !exist in PT dtd file {
        log full pathname of PT dtd file and missing '<!ENTITY' line
        skip to next '<!ENTITY' line
      replace Bas '<!ENTITY' line with PT '<!ENTITY' line

I'm sure there is stuff I'm missing, not the least of which is the file
operations (opening, reading, writing, closing), but this should give
you an idea.

Okay, after all that AND assuming file folder and file structures are
the same, you should probably simply try doing a replace of all dtd
files on Basilisk with that of Fx Portuguese. This assumes you've done a
suitable backup beforehand.


Wow! I did not expect something so much detailed. Thank you very much for this big kindness.

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