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Re: [SOLVED] NoScript 10.1.1 usurping my Firefox 57

Em 23-11-2017 11:54, rebro escreveu:
Am 21.11.2017 um 20:30 schrieb rebro:
Am 21.11.2017 um 19:41 schrieb WaltS48:
On 11/21/17 1:19 PM, rebro wrote:
After today's installation of NoScript 10.1.1 in FF 57.0 (Win 10
x64) it does its blocking-business in the background without
responding in the slightest to my desperate left- (and sometimes
even more desperate right-) clicking on its icon whenever I want to
make use of some blocked script.

Is this a known common problem or just home-made blundering on my side?

Ask the developer.


Thanks a lot, Walt!
I have just submitted my observation to the above address.

Meanwhile I have additionally noticed that the bookmarks toolbar is
completely blocked by the activation of NoScript 10.1.1

Thanks to the new version NoScript 10.1.2 both problems
(i. e. [1] missing response to left-clicking the app's icon and [2]
NoScript blocking the bookmarks toolbar) have completely gone now.
What I can't understand is that I seem to have been the only user who
had to cope with these bugs because none of the contributions either
stated a similar observation or reported that everything was ok.

Maybe those people just kept their situation for them, since there was no clear positive or negative feedback (from themselves)... this is not so hard to happen.

And it may have been just a simple and obvious mistake that was fixed, and they found no need to mention it.
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