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At 04:25 PM, 11/22/2017, Wednesday, WaltS48 wrote:
On 11/22/17 3:54 PM, Sogn Mill-Scout wrote:
Once again the "upgrade" has taken away the tab view window. I've looked at the help page and found no help. It's the window in which you can see thumbnails of all your tabs, move them around, and so on; I forget what it's properly called. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to get this feature back? Thanks.

Do you mean New Tab? Just click the + next to the current tab.

They did change the look and it doesn't show all your tabs.

No I don't mean New Tab. Im not trying to open a new tab. I want to see ALL open tabs as thumbnails and be able to rearrange them by dragging. FF long had this feature. Two "upgrades" ago the keyboard shortcut was CTRL+SHIFT+E. The last "upgrade" changed that shortcut (it brings up a little window I don't even understand), but I somehow found the feature I want as an add-on and was able to create a new keyboard shortcut. I wish I could recall how I found it. Maybe it was simply via a help page but I can't find it now. Anyway, the shortcut I created does nothing since the latest "upgrade" to version 57.0.

I finally just now remembered the word "panorama" and that it was a part of the Tab Groups feature. I see that they eliminated it. In Quantum they've disabled the add-on I was using. I'm trying to find another replacement add-on but none of the options available seem to provide the panoramic view I want and relied on for so long. Looks like just another reason to loathe FF. Why do they screw people by taking away useful features and calling it an improved version? Sadism?


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