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Re: New browser from the devs of Palemoon

My bloviated meandering follows what Wolf K graced us with on 11/22/2017 7:14 PM:
On 2017-11-22 21:35, Sailfish wrote:

Yes, that's why the places.sqllite file grows to a large size. If one backsup to HTML, renames their existing places.sqllite file and then restore from the HTML, that cleans out the history. As an example, I had noticed that my places.sqllite file had grown to 70MB+ but once I backed up and restored it dropped back to 10MBs.

I thought Clear History and/or Clear Recent History took care of all that.

Unless they've changed it since the last time I checked, they deleted the data but didn't compact the places.sqllite file, more at:

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