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Re: New browser from the devs of Palemoon

Em 22-11-2017 20:31, FredW escreveu:
On Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:28:27 -0600, Ron Hunter <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx>

OK, maybe I am just an old grouch, but if this browser wants to replace
Firefox, WHY doesn't it let me import anything from Firefox????  I am
not about to reenter 400 bookmarks, and 100 passwords from Firefox.
Even Google Chrome manages to import my bookmarks, and passwords!
Deleted it!

I copied places.sqlite from Palemoon to Basilisk.
And so I could use my 4000+ bookmarks in Palemoon
also in Basilisk.

What is your problem?

I think the poster expected a similar window of that we see when Firefox runs the first time, which imports things from Internet Explorer, Edge and (probably) other browsers.
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