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Re: NoScript 10.1.1 usurping my Firefox 57

On 11/22/17 3:39 PM, Poutnik wrote:
Dne 22/11/2017 v 11:41 WaltS48 napsal(a):
On 11/22/17 2:27 AM, Poutnik wrote:

Or to stay with FF 52 ESR until May/June 2018.

Most of issues with FF 57+ will be resolved until then
and it will give time to developers
to port their add-on into the webextension form.
( If they are going to. )

They have had 2 years.


So what ?

So, why are you blaming Mozilla if your extensions don't work?

Some were abandoned long before extension signing was announced. Those were automatically signed by Mozilla, so they would continue to work.

All those abandoned extensions did not get converted to web extensions and users blame Mozilla for breaking them.

Some extension developers decided to wait and are late to the party. Like NoScript.

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