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Re: I feel unclean

On 11/21/2017 11:32 AM On a whim, The Real Bev pounded out on the keyboard

I swore I wasn't going to update from 52ESR/linux, but I was curious
about whether it would speed up the slow-as-pushing-rocks-uphill
facebook scrolling as well as making it possible to view facebook videos.

I'm ashamed to say that yeah, it does speed up FB, but it doesn't help
with the videos.  So now I have 52 open for general browsing and 57
(which I will hold my nose and allow to update) for FB and Chrome for
whatever the FFs won't do.

Fortunately HD space is cheap.  My 8TB drive is split into 1TB
partitions (lots of backups), and my actual installation is only 250GB.

My new android phone has 64GB internal memory and a 64GB external card.
   Plenty of room there too.

I'm getting sloppy.

Just remember that "lots of backups" on a single drive all go away when the physical drive fails. As long as you have at least 2 rotating external drives backing up, you're in good shape.

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