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Re: Old UI

Em 19-11-2017 01:54, david.gurnett@xxxxxxxxx escreveu:
On Sunday, November 19, 2017 at 8:42:45 AM UTC+11, itzh...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello. I just got the new Firefox update for windows. I have had no trouble with it so far, but I have one question: is it possible to change the UI back to the previous one? I am used to the old one and prefer the look of it. Thanks in advance.

I agree. The "new" UI is a mess. Stuff all over the place. e.g. Why do I have to access bookmarks through another icon? Why change something which is working perfectly well? Bring back the one you just changed.

Be it a mess or not, I think that both options should exist. And a way to make everything in another way must also exist. Some prefer one, some prefer other, and others would prefer to put things in yet different places. Let them, Firefox!

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