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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

On 15/11/2017 2:04 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
Daniel wrote on 14-11-17 09:41:
On 14/11/2017 3:22 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
Daniel wrote on 13-11-17 13:08:
On 13/11/2017 2:43 AM, Mark12547 wrote:
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On 12/11/2017 5:31 AM, Ron Hunter wrote:


I took an RPG programming language course on one, I think.

What?? You were working on Role Playing Games way back then!! ;-P

The RPG would be Report Program Generator. About the same time I was
punching cards of programs written in Fortran and COBOL, three were
business machines from IBM that were primarily running RPG.

Thanks Mark. I figured the "RPG" in Ron's post was probably some sort of computer programming language.

RPG is a programming language and is compiled with an RPG-Compiler.
The resultant code is interpreted as a machine language, when the mainframe in an RPG-mainframe - or interpreted by an rpg-interpreter when the mainframe is not an rpg-mainframe.

So, Ray, are you suggesting that a RPG-Compiler does not compile the RPG code into straight machine code??

If so, one wonders what the benefit of programming in RPG is!!

Perhaps you are true, rpg code can be executed immediately by an rpg-machine.
The compiler is just used to check if the rpg-code is correct.
I was working on an algol-machine who needs an rpg-interpreter to be able to exécute the code generated by the rpg-compiler. Normally mainframe compiler did not create a machine-executalbe-code when the language is not the machine-language; in that case the compiler generate a code "to-be-interpreted" at execute-phase.

Back in the 1980's, I used to write programs in BASIC, which you could then run on a BASIC interrupter or which you could run through a Compiler which would then produce an ".exe" file/program, which you could then run directly on a DOS-based computer without any need for an active compiler.

I had my suspicions that, as part of the compiler process, part of the compiler was included in the ".exe" file, as a 1kByte BASIC program could be compiled into a 50kByte ".exe" program.


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