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Re: Secure connection in news.mozilla.org ?

Balaco wrote:
> PietB wrote:
>> Balaco wrote:
>>> can I use secure connection in this Mozilla nntp server news.mozilla.org ?
>> Why would you want to?
> To make it harder or impossible to people read in plaintext everything I 
> read through or post in it, or other related information. Using network 
> "wires", I mean. So if they did not even know my name and address here, 
> it would be much better.

Whatever you read here is public stuff anyway, since newsgroups and
their contents are public (unless of course it's a private hierarchy
or paid service for which you have to login, but that's not the case
here). And whatever you post here is public too. So I still fail to
see the added value of a secure connection.
Maybe you should post in Brazilian, which for most people is a form
of encryption. :-)


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