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Re: Secure connection in news.mozilla.org ?

Em 11-11-2017 19:11, Ant escreveu:
On 11/10/2017 7:38 AM, Balaco wrote:

can I use secure connection in this Mozilla nntp server
news.mozilla.org ?

Right now, I am using it at without any security and in port 119.

For a few days in this machine, I thought that I was missing the
server name, and I could not (and also still CANNOT) find a Mozilla
page explaining how to connect Mozilla NNTP support server. I tried
news.mozilla.org and support.mozilla.org, both with the same behaviour
in Thunderbird.

Searched and searched, did not find, and I gave up. After that, I was
writing a thread elsewhere to ask which were the correct settings, and
then I tested changing the second option for this account in TB:

"Safety settings" -> changed from "SSL/TLS" to "None"

And it worked! I threw away the thread idea.

Does that mean I cannot use secure connections in news.mozilla.org ?

I am using Thunderbird 45.8.0. How do I test the secure connections it

I don't think Mozilla's usenet server ever had a SSL connection. I know
the previous server for Netscape did. I am not sure if that is still

Since nobody else disagreed since yesterday, I assume what you said is true.

Thank you very much
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