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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

Balaco wrote:
Em 05-11-2017 08:51, calmar71@xxxxxxxxx escreveu:
You guys need to do some SERIOUS work on Firefox.

Its SHIT!!

I've never come across ANY browser as slow as this. I get CONSTANT "not responding" messages. I cant even scroll the length of a webpage without it freezing. Hell, I can even post to Facebook half the time. Its always 3 sentences behind, and forgotten half of whats typed by the time it tries to catch up.

It's using FAR TOO MUCH resources. The load on people's computers MUST be reduced, and quickly.

Until then, sorry guys, but its off all 4 of my computers. I do a lot of web development, and cant afford the time wasted waiting on this browser to actually work as it should. Its utter garbage as it is.

Back to Chrome for me. At least it works when you ask it to.

Do not use Chrome, it is a browser that uses *much* more resources than the amount Firefox uses (and I know and agree with you it is much, bigger than it could be), it does not respect your privacy and is a basically fake open source project. Fake because we *cannot* have its sources, and it contains hidden things.

With the same base, which is Chromium, there is the Vivaldi browser, which I recommend. And there is also Opera, which I do not recommend due what they abandoned - a very big history with network privacy and other rare features - after version 12.
I use Opera as my default browser which last ver 49.0, BTW, has incorporated an excellent snapshot. But regarding "network privacy": What network privacy? There is no such a thing nowadays. Every OS, every App, every mobile phone, tablet and lots of web sites plus Smart TV's, services providers and of course social networks they all sniff our lives with impunity. Browsers included particularly those running Chromium engine and of course Edge and Internet Explorer. There is nothing we can do about except protecting ourselves the best we can or throw away anything connected to Internet.
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