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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

On Sun, 5 Nov 2017 08:10:48 -0500, WaltS48 <thalionusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>On 11/5/17 7:29 AM, Ron Hunter wrote:
>> On 11/5/2017 4:51 AM, calmar71@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

That's a blast from the past.

>>> You guys need to do some SERIOUS work on Firefox.
>>> Its SHIT!!
>>> I've never come across ANY browser as slow as this. I get CONSTANT 
>>> "not responding" messages. I cant even scroll the length of a webpage 
>>> without it freezing. Hell, I can even post to Facebook half the time. 
>>> Its always 3 sentences behind, and forgotten half of whats typed by 
>>> the time it tries to catch up.
>>> It's using FAR TOO MUCH resources. The load on people's computers MUST 
>>> be reduced, and quickly.

I have the same problems with my i5 quad core machine but not with 
my dual Pentium 1.6. Could it be that Firefox is incompatible with 
some CPUs?

>>> Until then, sorry guys, but its off all 4 of my computers. I do a lot 
>>> of web development, and cant afford the time wasted waiting on this 
>>> browser to actually work as it should. Its utter garbage as it is.
>>> Back to Chrome for me. At least it works when you ask it to.
>> It is pretty sad how much system resources it takes.  Often it has my 
>> old computer maxed out for CPU doing NOTHING, with a page rendering in 
>> the background.  Often, like you, I can't even type until I either 
>> escape from the page rendering, of 5000 ads, to allow me to type.  It is 
>> so slow at some thing that I use IE 11 for one website, because it is a 
>> timed puzzle!  I am pretty sure that when they put 57 into play, I will 
>> be gone.  Sad >
>Does the same occur in safe mode?
>Have you refreshed your profile?
>What is the speed of your CPU? How much RAM? How much HD capacity?
>Does your system meet the system requirements?
>What is your Internet connection speed?
>Instead of wasting your money on the next new iPhone, buy an updated 

Or use a decent browser.
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