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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

In article <MsednZ0r5NGSmWLEnZ2dnUU7-KfNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>, 
rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx says...
> Often it has my 
> old computer maxed out for CPU doing NOTHING, with a page rendering in 
> the background.  Often, like you, I can't even type until I either 
> escape from the page rendering, of 5000 ads, to allow me to type.

I have noticed a vast difference in performance between having a good ad 
blocker like uBlock Origin installed and running vs. not having any ad 
blocker. I'm not referring to bizarre sites, but Weather Underground, 
AVSForum and KATU (the local ABC affiliate), where the ads are so bad 
that Firefox doesn't get the cycles to render what I want to see.

If a browser doesn't have an ad blocker, as far as I am concerned, it is 

uBlock Origin can be found on addons.mozilla.org and searching for the 
full name (there are other extensions that capitalize on uBlock Origin's 
name, so this is NOT uBlock, but uBlock Origin).

Direct link to addons.mozilla.org for uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is already written as pure WebExtension, so it will 
continue to work when Firefox upgrades to 57 in just 9 days from when I 
post this posting.

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