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Re: Worst Browser Ever, but could be the best.

On 2017-11-05 07:11, WaltS48 wrote:
On 11/5/17 7:43 AM, Rinaldi wrote:
On 2017-11-05 06:29, Ron Hunter wrote:
It is pretty sad how much system resources it takes.  Often it has my old computer maxed out for CPU doing NOTHING, with a page rendering in the background.  Often, like you, I can't even type until I either escape from the page rendering, of 5000 ads, to allow me to type.  It is so slow at some thing that I use IE 11 for one website, because it is a timed puzzle!  I am pretty sure that when they put 57 into play, I will be gone.  Sad!

Have you tried Firefox Quantum?


Too slow. Use Nightly 😉

Well, yes I do; but all don't want to try betas. I saw no difference in speed, though.

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